Takahata Majestique l'Ogre Rouge Aka-Oni 2016 (750ml, 14%)

Takahata Majestique l'Ogre Rouge Aka-Oni 2016 (750ml, 14%)

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Hailing from Yamagata, Japan, the Takahata Majestique l'Ogre Rouge Aka-Oni or the Red Ogre, is a powerful red wine. The Majestique project by Takahata started in 2013 to pcik the best grapes from small plots to achieve the best wine they can. By blending wines aged in three different barrel types, it enables the wines have a combination of the best characteristics from them. Cabernet Sauvignon dominated, this wine is more tannic and firm compared to the l'Ogre Bleu. With a gentle wine making process but with 53% new oak used, the wine is unique with its supple black fruits interwoven with power spices and a lasting finish. 

Founded in 1990, the Takahata Winery is on the mission to become a winery on par with the greats. With a passion for creating not only wines and experiences, their winery is a beautiful site to visit. Working closely with local farmers, Takahata Winery is able to cultivate the best grapes for their wines.

Awards: Japan Best Wine 2019 Gold

Grape: Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petite Verdot

Region: Yamagata

Volume: 750ml

Alcohol: 14%