"Sweety" Tomato (150g pack)
"Sweety" Tomato (150g pack)
"Sweety" Tomato (150g pack)

"Sweety" Tomato (150g pack)

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Seasonal Produce!

We coined these tomatoes "Sweety" Tomatoes after what our contact in Japan described these tomatoes as, but they're also known as Gokumi Tomato, or Extreme Tomato in Japan!

With normal tomatoes having around an 8° sugar concentration, "Sweety" Tomatoes have a concentration of up to 15°, close to double as sweet as your regular tomatoes.

Combined with a concentrated umami flavour, these are some of the sweetest and best tomatoes you can buy. Give these gems a try and you'll never look back.

Available only on Fridays!
Origin: Aomori
Cooking: Salad

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