Onagadai Ruby Snapper, Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) (0.7-1kg)

Onagadai Ruby Snapper, Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) (0.7-1kg)

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Onaga is Japanese for long tail, which is a unique characteristic of this beautiful ruby red snapper. A deep water fish, the Onagadai has delicate and sweet textures, and in winter, the fish is extra fatty giving it a delicious rich texture. With its beautiful red colours, Onagadai is often served in celebratory events like wedding or the new year as the Japanese believe its bright red colour will bring luck! This delicious fish can be enjoyed simply as sashimi, but its flavours can also be enjoyed steamed or baked.

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Processing: Whole fish
Cooking: Sashimi, Steam, Baked
Source: Wild Caught, Yamaguchi