Medai, Butterfish (3-4kg)
Medai, Butterfish (3-4kg)
Medai, Butterfish (3-4kg)

Medai, Butterfish (3-4kg)

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Fresh ones are glossy white meat, which can be eaten very deliciously with sashimi, sushi, carpaccio, etc. Also, since it does not harden when heated, it can be used for various dishes such as shabu-shabu, fried chicken, meuniere, and simmered dishes.


Whole or Filleted
This fish is available whole or filleted. Whole fish may weigh slightly less than listed with the innards removed. Filleted fish weights are nett flesh yields with the head, bones and innards removed.

Source: Wild-caught

Cooking: Sashimi, Grilled, Cooked


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