Katsuo, Bonito (Approx. 3kg)
Katsuo, Bonito (Approx. 3kg)
Katsuo, Bonito (Approx. 3kg)

Katsuo, Bonito (Approx. 3kg)

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If Bonito sound familiar to you, it's because its such a widespread ingredient in Japanese cuisine. Before tuna became the king, it was KatsuoIt can be enjoyed cooked, cured, dried, and most deliciously, sashimi and tataki! First catch Katsuo, or hatsu-gatsuo, was so desired, that there was even a saying “I’d be willing to pawn my wife for a taste of hatsu-gatsuo" in ancient Japan. Rich and refreshing, this fish is waiting to be enjoyed.

Whole or Filleted

This fish is available whole or filleted. Whole fish may weigh slightly less than listed with the innards removed. Filleted fish weights are nett flesh yields with the head, bones and innards removed.

Cooking: Sashimi, Grilled, Cooked


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