Kinmedai, Splendid Alfonsino (Approx 1.5-1.7kg Whole)

Kinmedai, Splendid Alfonsino (Approx 1.5-1.7kg Whole)

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We only choose fish that are over 1kg.


Whole or Filleted
This fish is available whole or filleted. Whole fish may weigh slightly less than listed with the innards removed. Filleted fish weights are nett flesh yields with the head, bones and innards removed.

Preparation instructions for Simmered Kinmedai:
Soy sauce 100cc, Sugar 130g, Sake 100cc, Mirin 20cc, Ginger 1 cut.
1. Cook for 1 minute with cover
2. Add ginger and mirin
3. Cook for 5 more minutes

Origin: Wild-caught, Kanagawa, Chiba 神奈川,千葉
Processing: Ikejime, Fillet, Chilled
Sex: Mixed
Cooking: Sashimi, Grill