Tarabagani, King Crab, Boiled Frozen

Tarabagani, King Crab, Boiled Frozen

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Also known as the Red King Crab, our Tarabagani comes from a supplier in Hokkaido with over 50 years of experience with Taraba crabs. We only purchase Grade 1 Tarabagani which has over 90% meat to shell ratio. Sweet and juicy, these crabs taste great and look beautiful as well. A definite centerpiece, they can be enjoyed as is or on top of rice or with chawanmusi!

Listed below are the different grades of Taraba crabs for you to compare!

Grade 1: Hardshell (meat 90%) 
Grade 2: Softshell (meat 80%-90%)
Grade 3: Soft younger, shell (meat 60%-70%)
Grade 4: Molted shell (meat below 50%)

Origin: Russia, Hokkaido
Processing: Boiled, Frozen