Frozen Kinmedai, Splendid Alfonsino, Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) (Approx 0.7-1kg Whole)

Frozen Kinmedai, Splendid Alfonsino, Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) (Approx 0.7-1kg Whole)

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Kinme means golden eyes in Japanese, which can be seen in the fishes unique and easily spotted large eyes. Kinmedai roam the deep below the ocean surface and this gives them their delicious fattiness. Don't be intimidated though, they are still delicate and tender!   fish are deliciously fatty but still delicate and tender. By lightly torching the fish, it brings out the delicious umami characteristic. The fish can also be prepared in a variety of other methods, all to draw out its beautiful natural flavours.

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Preparation instructions for Simmered Kinmedai:
Soy sauce 100cc, Sugar 130g, Sake 100cc, Mirin 20cc, Ginger 1 cut.
1. Cook for 1 minute with cover
2. Add ginger and mirin
3. Cook for 5 more minutes

Origin: Wild-caught, Yamaguchi
Processing: Ikejime, Fresh Frozen
Cooking: Grill