Assorted Quick Pickles (985g)

Assorted Quick Pickles (985g)

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Its the small details that transform a good meal into a great meal. Our Assorted Quick Pickles are go through a short processing period to retain their fantastic crunch and original shape. A key component to any good Japanese meal, these delicious pickles will refresh your palate in-between your bites. 

Please refrigerate once received.


Chrysanthemum Pickles 145g (180 day shelf life)
Leafy Mustard Pickles 180g (15 day shelf life)
Mixed Green Pickles 200g (15 day shelf life)
Red Turnip pickles 180g (60 day shelf life)
Yuzu Yam Pickles 140g (10 day shelf life)
Soy Sauce Yam Pickles 140g (10 day shelf life)

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