Apple Nanamitsuki (Box)
Apple Nanamitsuki (Box)

Apple Nanamitsuki (Box)

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Nanamitsuki Apples are named after a small town in Hokkaido called Nanae Town. These apples were first cultivated in 1991, and are not normally commercially cultivated due to their delicate nature. In a recent auction, a box of seven Nanamitsuki Apples were sold for $820SGD! With a strict inspection process in place to filter out apples with blemishes and to ensure they all reach a certain level of sweetness, our Nanamitsuki Apples are a rare treat and should be enjoyed as is. They skin is yellow-green with red markings, and the flesh has a honey-like sweetness with low acidity to be enjoyed. 

Product Specification: 8-9 pieces/box

Weight: 3kg

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