Koutoku Komitsu Apples (Box)
Koutoku Komitsu Apples (Box)

Koutoku Komitsu Apples (Box)

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One of the most popular apple gifts in Japan, our Koutoku Komitsu Apples are a rarity. Specially cultivated, these apples are heavily regulated by the government to ensure that they have the right to be labelled as such. The center of the apples have been described as honeyed, and they are extremely sweet and beautiful apples. They are extremely perfumed, and the sweet aromas of the Koutoku Komitsu Apples are sure to surprise you and delight you as you enjoy these sweet treats.

This item is highly recommended to be given as a gift as once the box is open, the sweet aromas will stun the receiver!

Product Specification: 8 pieces per box

Weight: 2kg

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