Kanpachi, Amberjack, Kagoshima (Whole Fish, Fillet)

Kanpachi, Amberjack, Kagoshima (Whole Fish, Fillet)

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One of the largest Shiromi (white meat) fishes available, the Kanpachi is a close cousin to the Buri and the Hiramasa. A ferocious predator, the Kanpachi has firmer flesh than its cousins but it still has light coloured flesh with a crisp firm texture. Their clean rich and sweet taste shine through when they are cooked but our Kanpachi is beautiful enjoyed just as sashimi. 

This pack comes with the Kama, which is the collar of the fish which the fattiest part of the Kanpachi which can be grilled simply with salt and enjoyed with some rice!

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Origin: Farmed

Cooking: Sashimi, Grilled

Processing: Fillet with Collar

Fillet Weight: 1.25 - 1.5kg