Fresh Uni Delivery Singapore

Premium Sashimi Grade A Uni delivered to your doorstep from Japan in 36 hours

Oceanic and creamy, our premium sea urchin is brought to your doorstep a mere 36 hours after harvest in Japan. Our uni delivery in Singapore thus ensures you get to enjoy the food at the height of its freshness.

You can find everything from Kaneki Kimura to Matsuura red premium bafun uni narabi at various times in our shop. What they all have in common is grade-A quality for unparalleled flavour.  

What's in season?

1. Bafun uni 

Harvested from the deep ocean, bafun uni boasts a boldly umami taste and a handsome orange (or red) colour. It’s most often available from October to November and can be eaten in either sushi or cooked preparations.

2. Ezo bafun uni

Beautifully jewel-like in hue, ezo bafun uni from Hokkaido comes in season from December to February. It’s considered among the best uni in Japan thanks to its unbelievable creaminess and sweet fragrance!

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