Products from Takahata


Supafresh brings in a select range of products from the Takahata brand, including exquisite local sakes and wines, pickles, jams, butter and assorted condiments made from exceptional local agricultural produce.


The Takahata brand is a selection of recommended products from the town of Takahata in the Yamagata Prefecture. Takahata is home to one of the best organic farming villages in Japan. The locals have been living with nature for 10,000 years and retain much of the ways and wisdoms of age-old agriculture. In addition to natural farming, the town's food processing industry is developing as a local industry, producing high quality food that is famous throughout Japan.


If you're fluent in Japanese, here's a quirky video featuring the Takahata brand. For our non-Japanese-speaking friends, unfortunately you'd need the help of some translation. Still, it makes for a fun watch either way.