Taste the Spirits of Japan

From sake to chardonnay, we have the very finest Japanese liquors that you can pair with the fresh produce we offer.

Pour Yoshi’s Sparkling Wine Brut with your fish dishes, for instance, or Yonetsu Jyunmai Daiginjyo’s Kissui sake with our rich uni boxes. You’ll discover true matches made in tengoku (heaven)!

What’s in season?

1. King Crab / Tarabagani 

One of the most sought-after crustaceans worldwide, Red King Crab is a meaty delicacy with a very sweet taste. Often boiled, it also has a melt-on-your-tongue quality when uncooked.

2. Scallops / Karatsuki Hotate 

Large and sweet, these wonderfully versatile scallops can be used in many dishes. Eat them sautéed, grilled, steamed, or even raw!

3. Oysters / Kaki 

Always popular, Japanese oysters are often eaten fried (as “kaki furai”) in the autumn and winter. Most of them come from Hiroshima around this time.

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