Red Amadai, Tilefish, Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) (0.9 - 1.1kg, Whole)

Red Amadai, Tilefish, Shimonoseki (Yamaguchi) (0.9 - 1.1kg, Whole)

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Amai is Japanese for sweet, which could be where delicately but slightly fatty fish gets its name from. Part of the Tai family, it is especially prized in Kyoto where it has been part of high-class cuisine. It is best had between October and March, where the red and white varieties are more flavourful. Our Amadai can be had as sashimi, but, its sweetness really showcases itself when it is heat treated. Steaming, grilling, fried, and many other preparations are suitable for this delicious fish.

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Processing: Whole fish
Cooking: Sashimi, Steam, Panfry
Source: Wild Caught, Yamaguchi