Blackthroat Seaperch (アカムツ/ Nodoguro) Aburi-style

Blackthroat Seaperch (アカムツ/ Nodoguro) Aburi-style

Nodoguro is a fatty yet firm fish which has an unusual amount of fat for a white fish. Its meat has a delicate sweetness and a rich flavour. We love to enjoy this fish aburi-style to

bring out its flavourful oils to the surface, imparting a smoky, almost baconlike flavour.

The faint aroma of charred flesh literally melts in your mouth. It can be served on its own or on a bed of rice.

Difficulty  Est. Time
2/5 8 mins




  1. Nodoguro fillets - sliced
  2. Butane Blowtorch


  1. Place the Nodoguro pieces on a heat resistant plate or metal tray
  2. Blowtorch the surface of the Nodoguro pieces until the surface begins to char. Ensure you sear the entire surface of the Nodoguro pieces
  3. Garnish with a sprinkle of sea salt and serve on a bed of rice 

Pro Tip

If you do not have a blowtorch, you can make aburi Nodoguro by placing thin metal skewers through the fillet and burn the surface of the fillet over a binchotan or gas stove. 


 Cooking Over a Binchotan

Aburi Over a Metal Wire Tray

Aburi on a Ceramic Plate